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  • @neocell#neocell#neocellcollagen#neocellhyaluronicacid#neocellceramides#supplements#suppleskin#neocellbeauty#beauty#beautiful#takecareofyourself#healthyglow#thankyou@iiheartbeauty ok, if been kinda doing a little day by day on the ceramide skin hydrator, i am nothing but amazed at this results i am seeing right before my eyes! adding to my routine is their Super collagen, non gmo, gluten free, better hair, ( thank you ) something that i need so much, my hair is very long and very thick, I sometimes go into the salon get keatin treatments, but no matter how thick my hair is, its lack luster, i lose little strand of hair throughout the house and we have one of those little vaccums that just roams around picking up crap off the floor, well my long strands of hair clogged up the device. lol!( i was in shock of how many strands i lose!) I asked my hair stylist should i be concerned and she said out of her 20 years of doing hair, i have tthe thickest hair and losing my strands isn't alarming,just like our skin turnovers your hair loses the dead hair for the new hair and of course with everything I googled everything, just to put my mind at ease! I usually will do the kardashaian famous braids in my hair, i love the wave it gives me the following day, I use aragan oil @cibuforhair and in one of my months @allure_beauty_box their was the product I fell in love with @oribe their matte waves lotion and was a trial sample, so @oribe send me some pr, gift a ordinary mom that is trying to pump out content, of your fabouous line, lol kidding, only if it was that easy! :)right! so, my beauties this is why i am so excited of taking these products #neocellcollagen religiously giving you updates, i appreciate your DM questions about the products! I am excited using the neocell brand #allurebox#oribe#healthyskinhairandnails#healthyskinstartswithin#glowingskinstartswithin#health#beauty

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    19.03.2018 Осип(Иосиф):
    Любительницы бьюти-новинок всегда могут выбрать актуальный промокод GlamBox за февраль 2018 года в нашей подборке.

    11.03.2018 biekiecoule:
    Коробочка Января 2018. Такая же белая коробочка. А вот ленточки будто не  Это стартовый выпуск под данным названием, ранее бокс именовался AllureBox.

    28.02.2018 Пелагея:
    allure box january 2018.  TIMELINE NEWS. Thursday 8th of February 2018. #School Closings.

    24.03.2018 thernrinmedet1984:
    January 2018 Allure Beauty Box.  I was so excited for my January #allurebox for one very good reason: the full size Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Serum.

    10.02.2018 Андрон:
    Маникюр с покрытием гель-лак плюс донаращивание😉#маникюркстово #сделанослюбовью #ялюблюсвоюработу #allurebox. 2018/01/30 20:22:10.

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    19.3 tuhatta julkaisua - Näytä Instagram-kuvat ja -ideot avainsanalla allurebox.