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  • this is tomholland!spider-man and no this is not a threesome lmfao. the author has not finished the series yet so currently there are three parts.

    You couldn't believe it, just he has made an oath that he wouldn't flirt with other girls again he was in awe at the new member of the Asylum, Harleen Quinzel. You were having a conversation to Barbara when you heard the obnoxious laugh of the duo; they look like they're having a blast.

    "Oh, puddin'... You're so funny!" Harley gave Jerome a love-struck smile.

    "Why thank you my dear Harley."

    And that's the cue where you felt empty inside. Barbara was giving you comforting words but you blacken out in your mentality zone. How could he? That's when you snickered suddenly it made Barbara jumbled. "I'm so dumb..." you stared at the ceiling, trying not to weep and make the stream of tears flow down. "I thought he could love me, I just noticed that I knew so many things about him but not a single thing he made an effort to know about me. I'm just another toy to him, another slave..." you stared at Barbara, rubbing your eyes and tried to hide all the evidence of wretchedness lingering.

    "Barbara, if I get out of this hell hole. I would like you to know that... You've been a great friend and all. I want to be sane again..." smiling at her, Barbara looked at you bewildered.

    She sighed, "Well if that's what you want, but what about Jerome?"

    "My ex? Well let's just say I finally found out that I loathe him and wouldn't like to see him again."

    Then there came the new inmate after few, he introduced himself rather dramatically and after the event, the gas incident happened. The eight including you— inmates managed to escape but then was held as captive by Theo Galavan who made an offer. You were about to refuse but one of the inmates, Sionis declined and was slaughtered by Tabitha. You figured out that it was best to shut up even though Harley keeps cackling now and then.

    "Are you sure about this?" The boys were up and you and Barbara were undercover in an alleyway. Barbara gave a bag, which was filled of robbed necessities and some change for the bus. You slipped up the back to your shoulder and nodded before smiling at her and giving her a hug. "I'm going to miss you..."

    "Me too."

    "Alright go on now (Y/N), I'll take care of the group," she said, you covered your face with the hood of your jacket and gone to the other direction and followed the citizens and managed to blend in.
    As you moved on you looked at the structure where Jerome and the others are on.

    "This is a choice, (Y/N). Think about it."

    The advice of Barbara made you doublethink. You saw Jerome examining the crowd you were in; he stared at swarm like a hawk stalking its prey. Then his gaze landed on you swiftly, which made you swallow your saliva for a moment. Thankfully he then continued on to gaze at the other civilians. He didn't notice you, luckily. Just then Harley was included at the act and embraced Jerome from behind and managed to kiss him passionately which he in return, kissed back.

    You smiled with a hint of sorrow, he looks so happy. The gaze you want to him to look at you for so long was now staring back at Harley. You didn't notice that the tears are falling and your body started to move by on its own. Going away, finally moving on. You grabbed the portrait that was in your pocket, a picture where you and Jerome where fourteen. Happy faces and the stare that he looks at you was known to be "Love", but now it was for another girl.

    You waited at a bus stop far away from the incident. There was a bus waiting with other passengers going in. You torn the picture into two, smiling and is proud to yourself and run towards the bus with a grinning face. Welcoming a new life.

    "Hey gorgeous!" Jerome smirked at Barbara's scowling face; he waved at her while his other hand was held by Harley who was skipping joyfully. The inmates behind him. He looked around the location they were in, not seeming to find his girlfriend anywhere.

    "Where's (Y/N)?" he inquire while eyeing around and was even opening the garbage beside Barbara if she was in there jokingly. "Seriously Jerome?" Barbara rolled her eyes and Jerome chuckled. "Seriously, where is she?"

    Barbara sighed, making Jerome raise an eyebrow.

    "She is gone."

    The psychopath looked stunned but in a matter of seconds picked himself up and giggled. He was puzzled, how could she abandon him without permission. She was severely in love with him, "This got to be a quip, and I mean that fool has been in love with me for five years! (Y/N) couldn't leave me behind like that. She couldn't be that much of a fucking idiot. Without me she could be dead as a weasel," he let Harley's hand fall earning a pout from her and proceeded to place both of his hand on Barbara's shoulder.
    Looking at her with an insane smile but his eyes told otherwise.

    "She said that she is happy for you being happy with another, ahem... Person." she answered looking at Harley who was looking around obviously not listening and in her own world.

    "She said that she wants to feel sane again, she was happy that you found someone that can make you feel real emotions and she wants you to know that she is proud of you—"

    The conductor was beside you and you gave the money as he nod and went on to the other seat. You stared outside the window. "New York here I come..."

    "She couldn't have done this to me..." his eyes were void after Barbara explaining everything.
    Barbara nodded the other members of the Maniax to follow her, whom they followed; Harley was looking at Jerome confused but was then confronted by Barbara who pulled her.


    "I'll find her one way or another... She will fucking regret leaving me." He soon then followed along the group, "You can't escape Mr. Joker, Mrs. Valeska~"

    creds/belongs to: tachibubu


    Face Stapled On Makeup

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