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  • Johnny Weir, 'Creep': University of Delaware, January 2017

  • Bob Burns: Absolutely wonderful. Totally original.

    Fedo Peña: ¡Beautiful!

    Bananamangopeach 978: I DON'T CARE HOW OLD THIS IS HE IS SO FAB <3

    Deez Mutts: Im still surprised that Adam is the first openly gay skater after we've had this bag of glitter .

    Lets BeHonest: You are Gold to us Johnny...a true American treasure...~!

    Synathidy: This is seriously bad-ass. The style. The attitude. The swagger. It's all just razor-sharp. Love Johnny Weir.

    Maheen Malik: I'm seeing Olympic's ice skating for the first time and naam I love ittttttt😍😍

    Marcos Alberto Cortez Lauriano: Amazing!

    Janelle Malicdem: Wow. He’s such a diva!

    Gabriel 1: Awesome dude!

    The Supreme: a gay legend

    WaterFallStreams ø: What Loki does on his free time

    Summer Smith: I see him on the2018 Olympic shows.wondering who he was.Excellent skater I see.

    gingergiggles: Ya'll are saying "hes loki!!" Like thats the only dark-haired twink you've ever seen

    gingergiggles: This boys been watching Yuri on ice

    Jay Bigs: Insanity assumes owe boy Shmh!

    Kaytlynne D.: SLAAAAAY!

    mope9001: Cuando eres perra y patinadora a la vez 🐕 🐶 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

    Asian Guy in TO: Strangely enough how could I cry watching him when he’s skating to a happy fun tune?! Goosebumps all over!! ❤️

    DOG fofih: Poker face ❤

    Johnny Weir - Today Show, Poker Face 10-28-11

    Johnny Weir skates to Gaga's "Poker Face" on the Today Show, Oct 28 2011. Watch "Be Good Johnny Weir" on LogoTV: // Visit for events and news.

    Johnny Weir - Bad Romance - Fashion on Ice 2011

    Johnny Weir rocking Betsey Johnson and skating to Bad Romance during Fashion on Ice -- Sept 24, 2011, broadcast date Nov 13 2011. Disson Skating produced for Pandora Skating Series. Excellent...


    Johnny Weir, 'Creep': University of Delaware, January 2017

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    Johnny Weir - Poker Face - Lady Gaga.

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