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    It’s strange the way the mind associates things sometimes. When the C9 Moonphase was announced a few months ago, my first thought (after “Good lord, it’s gorgeous”) was about music- Brazilian jazz, of all things. At first, I dismissed it as a random figment, but the more time I’ve spent with the C9 Moonphase the more the comparison seems apt. Jazz music, at its core, is all about variations on a theme. A melody is introduced, altered, and rearranged for a variety of different instruments before coming through again in its original form. The C9 Moonphase represents that ethos on several levels.

    Physically, it’s a variation on the C Ward C9 theme, sharing a case, crown, handset, and indices with other members of the C9 family, but plays with them in new, exciting ways. It takes the supporting instrument of a moonphase indicator and gives it a solo, placing it dead center and allowing it to take up the majority of real estate on the dial, but keeps the fundamental design intact. Brazilian jazz in particular takes the concept of variations on a theme and makes it bolder, more rhythmic, and brings its own personal flair without sacrificing any of the class of the original. Once again, the Christopher Ward C9 Moonphase cleaves close to this concept.

    At the same time the C9 Moonphase was announced, we received the press release for the Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase, and naturally we compared the two. While the FC was a gorgeous traditional execution of a moonphase, C Ward took the Brazilian jazz approach- louder, more visually arresting, but nonetheless refined and sophisticated. It’s a brilliant move for C Ward to enter the moonphase game like this, setting themselves apart from the pack while emphasizing their new standard of quality in finish and movement. A central moonphase complication is a surprisingly rare layout, appearing only in a handful of other designs all costing far more than the C9 Moonphase, and this unusual arrangement helps create a stunning whole.

    At a starting price of $1780, it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s a piece that undoubtedly carries the quality and visual stopping power of watches costing very much more. As such, it’s an excellent value for the money, and more than once during my time with this one I’ve considered selling off parts of my collection to own it. It’s one that by all means, I shouldn’t like- I’ve never been a huge fan of moonphases, I generally hate Roman numeral dials, but despite all this the C9 Moonphase has me absolutely captivated. Mark my words, you’re looking at a future classic.


    Christopher Ward C9 Harrison 5-Day Automatic In-House Movement Watch Review

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    11.03.2018 crisnorthnorle73:
    Our first ever moonphase watch, the C9 Moonphase shows the movement of the moon with unerring accuracy. At a world-beating price for such advanced watchmaking, it's an ingenious and beautiful tribute to our nearest astronomical neighbour.

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    Christopher Ward. 1. C9 MOONPHASE. C9 MOONPHASE. Humans have looked to the moon as a device for telling the time for some 34,000 years.

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    Christopher Ward C9 Moonphase Watch. Sep 23, 2015 — By Rob Nudds Comments: 31.  Interestingly, Jahnke has geared this complication in a way that allows the moon disc to "creep" throughout the day.

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