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    A handbag is one of the most popular bags for women. A handbag is a bag which you carry in your hand as opposed to a shoulder bag. It's all in the name! The benefit of BULAGGI handbags is that each bag comes with an additional shoulder strap, so you can choose for yourself how you prefer to carry your bag!

    Shoulder Bags

    Practically every woman owns a shoulder bag. A shoulder bag is a very practical bag, hence its great popularity. You can often store a vast range of items in a shoulder bag, which offers the added advantage of being a hands-free bag. Check out our different shoulder bag models like large shoulder bags such as shopping bags and small shoulder bags such as crossbody bags.

    Shopping Bags

    Are you one of the many women who like to carry as many things with them as possible? Then the shopper is your ideal bag. A shopper has two long straps which you can easily carry over your shoulder so as to keep your hands free. A shopper bag offers you a great deal of space so that you can easily store until you drop. You don't even need to carry your latest purchases by hand - they will fit inside your shopper!

    Clutch Bags

    Clutch bags are handbags which have become increasingly popular over recent years. The clutch is often used for special occasions such as weddings, galas and nights out. A clutch bag is an elegant bag in which you can carry just your essential items such as smartphone, keys, lip-gloss and money.

    Cross Body Bags

    Do you already have a crossbody bag? It's an ideal bag which can be worn diagonally across your body or loosely over your shoulder without you having to worry about carrying it. A crossbody bag is often lightweight yet with enough space for your daily essentials such as your smartphone, keys and money.


    Backpacks are back in business! This bag is back, and you'll be happy to be seen wearing one again! Choose a fashionable and casual design or go for a neutral colour like a black backpack.

    Laptop Bags

    Do you also think it's time to say farewell to your current boring laptop bag and say hello to a brand new and beautiful feminine laptop bag? Then shop direct at BULAGGI’s. We offer you the most stylish and sophisticated women's laptop bags for business and study.

    Beach Bags

    Sun, sea… beach bag! A cheerful beach bag is now an absolute must in your bag collection. A beach bag is a great practical bag to carry all your favourite beach gear. BULAGGI beach bags often come with a zip so you can safely transport your belongings and enjoy a carefree day at the beach or by the swimming pool.

    Weekend Bags

    Do you regularly go away for the weekend or a one-night stopover and find your suitcase too big? Then choose a weekend bag or travel bag from the BULAGGI range. We offer top quality, elegant and feminine weekend bags which are ideal to take with you as carry-on luggage. Our weekend bags are lightweight and easy to transport.

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    Bulaggi Handbags (Art.316722)

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    On trend and affordable bags for every occasion! Ranging from hi.

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    Заказать женские сумки Bulaggi с доставкой. В каталоге представлено 2 модели женских сумок.

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    Женская сумка LADIES BULAGGI RED FLOWER HANDBAG 28842.69.  Женская сумка Ladies Bulaggi Shoulder Handbags 50006. Женские сумки.

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    Марка Bulaggi производит женские сумки и аксессуары с середины прошлого века. Компания была основана в Нидерландах в 1960-е гг.

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    Большая мужская кожаная сумка- портфель Bulaggi. ФорматА-4. Аксессуары» Сумки.

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    BULAGGI webshop voor damestassen, portemonnees en accessoires.  BULAGGI maakt gebruik van cookies om jouw ervaring te verbeteren.