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    Russian photographer Alina Vlasova currently based in Bali. She was introduces to photography at the school age. From 1999 Alina started as a professional photographer. Till that time she worked as a professional cinema and theatre actress(graduated from Kazan State Institute of Art and Moscow Theatre School of Dramatic Art of Anatoly Vassilyev).
    At the moment she is photographer in travel through the world and still continue work with commercial clients. Photography has taking her in a colorful journey and introduces her to an array of eclectic cliental. Her documentary work has seen her travel from Russian deep countryside through the Europe to Sahara deserts. Her commercial photography has crossed borders from interior to social and fashion, portraiture, still life and fine art.
    Editorial work has been published in various magazines, including l’Officiel, Marie Claire, NME, Cosmopolitan, Upgrade, Time Out, Afisha, Domovoy, Aeroflot, etc. She worked for some projects of advertising agencies: McCann-Erickson Russia, Future Brand Menu, Est-Ouest. Also Alina works upon her personal social awareness projects for a number of charity organizations in Moscow, such as Charity Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) and Russian Invalid Kids Association. Works of Alina Vlasova presented in the finest private collections of Russia, Europe, USA and Asia.


    • 2000 Photo Biennale III International Month of Photography in MDF. Moscow

    • 2001 Photo Exposition Cote d’Azur. Moscow

    • 2002 Photo Exhibition No Name. Moscow

    • 2002 Photo Exhibition Simple Puddles. Kiev/Odessa/Lviv

    • 2003 Photo Exhibition Snow London. Moscow

    • 2003 Photo Biennale Mois de la Photographie. Kiev

    • 2003 Photo Biennale Sleeping Beauty (Photos & Video Art Performance). Kiev

    • 2004 Special Event By Kenzo. Red Square. Moscow

    • 2005 Art project Old Russians. Moscow

    • 2005 Photo Art Book Oleg Menshikov, 404 Questions. Moscow

    • 2006 Photo Exhibition Coffe No Sugar for Vagrius Publishing House. Moscow

    • 2006 Photo Exhibition Golden Brains Luxury Awards. Moscow

    • 2007 Photo Exhibition Golden Brains Luxury Awards II. Moscow

    • 2008 Photo Exhibition Igra for Charity Podari Zhizn (Gift og Life). GUM, Moscow

    • 2008 Photo Exhibition Golden Brains Luxury Awards III. Moscow

    • 2009 Photo Exhibition Golden Brains Luxury Awards IV. Moscow

    • 2013 Art Collection Bali Not For Sale. Bali, Indonesia

    • 2014 Art Collection High In The Sky. Bali, Indonesia

    • 2015 Art Project Human Roots Photography. Bali, Indonesia Collaboration with an artist Mickael Obrenovitch


    “Alina Vlasova belongs to the circle of the most outstanding photographers, which is almost completely absent in Russia today. The secret of her skill lies in the high aesthetic demands, striving to ensure that the art object was presented maximum expressiveness and technical perfection. Her artistic search is often associated with the problem of corporeality and the position of the body in space. It is sometimes reminiscences, sound bites, which are a kind of dialogue with the titans of the era of Quattrocento. But it is not the shine of immediacy, nor talk about important things. This monologue sent into eternity and striking artistic flair, which is the author’s name, recognizable artistic talent.”
    Oleg Shishkin

    “Ultimately, photography for her is not just fixing interesting objects and people in time but an attempt to watch the world changing. ‘It’s also a way to reflect my own inner world, an attempt to explain
    myself, my emotions, my feelings, life values. It’s like soul searching.’ Alina confesses.”
    Time Out Magazine

    “A Russian theatre actor turnes her childhood dream of photography into a thriving career.”
    Asia Dreams Magazine

    Источник: http://www.alina-vlasova.com/info


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    657 читачів, 407 відстежувань, 218 дописів – подивіться світлини та відео Алина Власова (@vlasovaa_al) в Instagram.

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    Алина Власова. Топ-модель и телеведущая, создатель фотопроектов Diamond Projects - по вопросам сотрудничества прошу писать в ЛС.

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    Установить приложение ВКонтакте. Алина Власова. Саранск.

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    Russian photographer Alina Vlasova currently based in Bali. She was introduces to photography at the school age.