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  • Why Hollywood Left Emily Browning Behind

  • Emily Jane Browning was born 7th December 1988, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She's an Australian singer and actress. She's the daughter of Andrew Browning and Shelley Browning, she has two brothers named Mathew and Nicholas. She has been in the entertainment industry for a period of eight years.

    Personal life

    Emily is not married and has never been married, but she has been involved in many relationships with the likes of Max Turner, Max Irons. After her relationship with Max irons she started dating Australian actor Xavier Samuel. She has a petite stature and height of about 155cm, she has been considered to have hot lips.

    She has a personal net worth of about $8 million, most of her money is made from her involvement is the entertainment industry.

    She seems to be frequent on social media platforms like twitter and Instagram, she has a lot of followers in her social media platforms, she is a regular user of social media platform.

    There were claims that she undergone plastic surgery. She's currently a student in University of Queensland.


    Her career started in 1998 when she starred in the movie The Echo of Thunder, she also played part in Australian movies and television series during this period. She starred in the series Blue Heelers from the period of 2000 to 2002, then she also starred in series like something in the Air, The Man Who Sued God.

    She became prominent in the American movie scene when she played part in the movie Ghost Ship in 2002, that year she won an award for Australian Film Institute Award for Best Young Actress, she later continued with her movie career when she co-starred with Orlando bloom and Heath Ledger in the film Ned Kelly. She played the role of violet Baudelaire in the film A series of Unfortunate Events later that year.

    In 2008 she had a lead role in the film The Uninvited it was a remake of the film A Tale of Two sisters, she co-starred with Arielle Kebbel and Elizabeth Banks.

    She was supposed to play part in the film Twilight, but she refused to part in the film, due to exhaustion.

    In 2009 she featured in the movie Sucker Punch, she played the role of a baby doll.

    In 2010 she revealed she would play part in the film Sleeping Beauty, which was an Australian film. The film was screened in Sydney Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

    Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film positive reviews stating it was technically elegant with Vehemence and control.

    In 2012 she played a lead role in the film Summer in February, she co-starred with Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper. That same year she took part in film God Help the Girl.

    In 2014 she played part in the movie Pompeii, the film was filmed in Toronto in the city Pompeii.

    Apart from being an actress she's also a singer and has released a couple of songs.

    She as also starred in the 2015 film Legend as Frances Shea.


    Why Hollywood Left Emily Browning Behind

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